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Portable Deluxe PocMon 1 09

the xbone for example have defined their software as that of a pc, that creates the illusion to the consumer that they are playing games in the living room. the problem with xbone and ps4 is that the games simply look as if its running on a windows xp computer or 8.0. there is a lot of efficiency and technical stuff in between that i would expect to be able to see if its actually running on a windows, but it isnt. there is no tangible difference between a xbox or playstation running xp and with a tegra 4 pc on a core i7. the game console makes microsoft systems look slow because of the limited hardware and software that isn't even designed to be a pc, it can't be a pc. and that is the difference.

Portable Deluxe PocMon 1 09

much cheaper than a laptop and still looks well above a phone. you can add two 4gb usb sticks and install ubuntu on it to run any software and scripts you want. being windows, one can install both the operating systems.

wow, they didn't even make a big enough box to fill with the controller so they made it so that if the controller is taken out of the box all the charge is lost. r u kidding me?! i hope there's some sort of reflow protection for this to avoid disaster. by the way.. how many games support xbox wireless controllers at all? any ideas? looks like this one in the lead, two games support it.

it's a port of a game called "radar", i can't remember if it was first on pc or 360, but the original xbox version was a beautiful racing sim. this one looks a bit more realistic, i like what i see, the one thing i don't like is that they have the lcd on the controller.


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