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Zip code 95983 is located in Taylorsville, California.The 2023 sales tax rate in Taylorsville is 7.25%, and consists of 6% California state sales tax, 0.25% Plumas County sales tax and 1% special district tax.


With 381 people, 95983 is the 1567th most populated zip code in the state of California out of 1,763 zip codes. But watch out, 95983, because 96015 with 374 people and 93627 with 373 people are right behind you.

In 2021, the median household income of 95983 households was $47,304. 95983 households made slightly more than 90011 households ($47,126) and 93206 households ($47,188) . However, 0.0% of 95983 families live in poverty.

  • Fits all styles of Harley-Davidson Fairing Lowers (except Twin-Cooled models)

  • Protect your fairing lowers when they are removed for hot weather riding

  • Convenient storage bag features a heavyweight 10-oz cotton exterior and sturdy carrying handle

  • Dual zippers open to expose a soft felt interior with a sturdy divider for left and right lowers, and two zippered pouches for loose hardware storage

  • Embroidered Bar & Shield on exterior

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 95983-07

Harley-Davidson Fairing Lower Self Storage Bag, Fits All Fairing Lowers 95983-07 $89.95 Add to Cart This product ships only within the United States and may not be shipped to international freight forwarders per Harley-Davidson policy. We offer many other products that ship worldwide. YES Black false false GP,EI,E2 false Harley-Davidson Gear > > Unisex HD Genuine Product Reviews There are no reviews for this product at this time. 041b061a72


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